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Site Cache + Dynamic Modules

Module Compatibility for Prestashop 1.6 Module Compatibility for Prestashop 1.7

Site Cache for Prestashop - is the best solution for Prestashop store that significantly speeds up page load time, reduces the load on the server, improves website ranking and remarkably increases sales conversion. An prestashop module that directly affects sales conversion and successfully generate the revenue.


Why website speed and page load times are so important?

Website speed and page load time is definitely a driving force behind your website visitors behavior that directly define the success of your business and online store sales. Search engines routinely fall back on pages load time in their rankings, as they assume the responsibility of optimal search results. Favoring fast sites over slower ones, a search engine meets the main goal of keeping customers content with the results delivered.

How module works?


The principle applied with Site Cache for Prestashop follows a common pattern. When a user visiting a website page for the first time, Prestashop generate and deliver this page to the visitor and automatically save a copy of it to the cache. Then all those pages just get stored in a cache. Each subsequent time when user request arrives, the system does not does not request Prestashop to generate a page, but returns the copy of the page from cache. This greatly reduces database and server load. Once the server generate a page it does not need to generate it again and again, it simply returns only cached copies - immediately. An module is significantly increase the load speed of Prestashop store.



- Enable or Disable Site Cache for Prestashop


- Enable or Disable Display statistics at the bottom of pages ( To be used only for test, not in production )


- Enable or Disable Debug mode ( When you do not have a test site you can enable this debug mode to test the cache )


- Add Ignored URL parameters ( URL parameters are used to identify a unique page content. Some URL parameters do not affect page content like tracking parameters for analytics (utm_source, utm_campaign, etc.) so we can ignore them. You can set a comma separated list of these parameters. )


- Store Cache in: File System OR Database


- Add full page caching on server and browser side to following pages: Category, Product, Search, Bestsales, Pricesdrop, Newproducts, Manufacturer, Supplier, Home, Cms


- Cache can be configured for each type of page ( Enable or disable page cache, Set cache lifetime ) 


- Clear ALL Cache


- Clear Cache for each type of page


- Clearing whole cache by CRON


- Correctly handles the function Geolocation (if you use this function on your site)


- Automatically Clear Product cache when administrator updated product

- Automatically Clear Product cache when someone buy product in your shop


- Support Dynamic Modules


- Compatible for Mobile Devices

- Multilingual & Multishop



Updated Installation_Guid.pdf




Fixed bug: dashboard stats have spinning wheels continuously - only for Prestashop 1.7.x.x



Updated readme.pdf
Compatibility with Prestashop 1.7.x.x
Fixed some minor bugs
Changed design in admin panel for Prestashop 1.6.x.x and Prestashop 1.7.x.x




Fixed bug related with admin panel: statistics on the bashboard of back office always loding




Fixed bug related with detect mobile device (add 2 methods to detect mobile device). Only for mobile devices
Changed way to detect product URL
Updated readme.pdf
Added CRON function in order to clear whole cache



Fixed bug related with detect mobile device. Only for mobile devices




Added the dynamically modules for site cache




Fixed bug for undefined variable message, when cleared cache




Fixed bug related with clearing cache for ordered products on the order confirmation page




Fixed bug in the statistics at the bottom of pages on the FrontEnd related with cache time, more than 60 minutes
Fixed bug for clear cache , when administrator updated product and someone buy product in your shop
Fixed bug for clear cache , when administrator updated category


Free Updates:

Module Version 1.1.9
Prestashop Compatibility 1.6.x, 1.7.x
Core modifications required No
Translations available DutchEnglishFrenchGermanyItalyPortugueseSpain
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