If you create a new module or theme, will need make new translation files. Every module’s translation file in each folder of modules, the theme’s translation file in “lang” of theme’s folder.


We can see themes\prestashop\lang\nl.php, if you install dutch, will have this file.


Open this file, we can see something like this:


$_LANG['address_3908e1afa0ff22fbf112aff3c5ba55c1'] = ‘Uw adressen’;


The key of this array $_LANG have 2 parts. The first one tell you this translate will be used in page “address”, the second one is the md5 value of page “keyword”.


Something like if you create a new keyword {l s=’Your addresses’}, this value will be md5(‘Your addresses’) = 3908e1afa0ff22fbf112aff3c5ba55c1


Hope this article can help you, thanks.